Most of us have seen pictures on TV or in newspapers showing houses blown apart by a tornado. Those pictures can’t convey the devastation Allan and I saw as we worked with AVON Cares this summer. We lived and worked from an RV, visiting 23 cities in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia hit by tornadoes. At each location, we met dedicated AVON representatives who helped us distribute thousands of bags filled with AVON products. Most of the time we simply listened to people as they thanked us for the supplies and then shared their experiences. It was hard not to be chocked up as person after person told us how their house was totally destroyed. Many people shared they had nothing. Nothing. One woman came to us and said, “Can I help you today? I don’t want to be home alone. My husband, son, and two grandchildren were killed in the tornado.” I went away from that RV tour with a deeper appreciation of all I have.

Silvana Clark - Avon

Brand Ambassador for AVON (8 months)

Drove branded Sprinter vans around the US as a brand ambassador, working with local AVON representatives for a major recruiting effort.

Brand Ambassador/Spokesperson

Spent 19 months living and working from a branded RV for the shoe charity, Soles4Souls. Traveled for 18 months to 42 states, giving away new shoes to people in need.

Brand Ambassador for AVON Cares

Visited 22 cities, giving away hygiene items to people who survived the tornadoes during the summer of 2011

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