Looking for an upbeat guest that uses props and visuals? Need a guest that can discuss the following topics?

  • Family Volunteer Opportunities. Are you raising selfish kids?
  • Submarine Parenting (instead of being a helicopter parent),
  • Parenting With More Fun and Less Yelling
  • When Empty Nesters Fly The Coop. Yes, there is life after kids!
  • Creativity: What Is It And Where Can I Get It?

kgan cedar rapids silvana cbs

Media Appearances Include:

Fox: Trading Spouses (Only wife that didn’t cry on camera during that season!)

Discovery Channel


The 700 Club

Over 25 local talk show/news interviews

Over 100 radio interviews

Check out these books I’ve written:

  • 12 Going on 29: Raising Your Tween Daughter (Praeger Publishing
  • Every Day A Holiday (Baker Books, 2004)301 Bright Ideas For Busy Kids (Sourcebooks, 2003)
  • Stuffed Animals From The Ceiling Fan (Baker Books, 2003)
  • Parent-Tested Ways To Grow Your Child’s Confidence (Meadowbrook, 2000)
  • Wearable Art With Sondra (co-author), (Prima Publishing, 2000)
  • Craft Fun With Sondra (co-author), (Meadowbrook Press, 1999)
  • 150 Ways to Raise Creative, Confident Kids (Servant, 1997)
  • Taming the Marketing Jungle (Hara Publishing, 1994)
  • 600 Tips for Early Childhood Directors (Frank Schaeffer Publishing, 1996) 140,000 copies sold
  • Taming the Recreation Jungle (Hara Publishing, 1993)




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