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r g barry silvana presenting“Silvana  has ‘wowed’ every client I have booked her for. Armed with rare gift of quickly assessing an audience’s needs and style, she lights up the room with creative fun while providing valuable information. This speaker will always exceed your expectations!”
Margy Peterson, Seattle Bookings Speakers Bureau

Looking for a speaker to present practical information in a light-hearted way? Silvana Clark knows people learn best when they are actively involved. That’s why your group will be participating in non-threatening role play activities, taking humorous quizzes and even building exercise machines out of PVC pipes. Oh yes…they may find a PANIC button under their chair also.

Silvana’s recent appearance on the FOX reality show, Trading Spouses, ties in with her latest keynote, Coping With Change With A Camera In Your Face. She spent one week with a family of complete strangers while their mom lived with her family. Silvana soon had her new family experiencing a change in their behavior and lifestyle…hopefully for the better!

Silvana’s presentations encourage people to get creative in both their professional and personal life. After all, if she can get her dog “famous” enough to star in television commercials, your members can get creative in how they deal with their jobs!

More Information Than You Want To Know about Silvana:

Presently Silvana is crossing the country in an RV as a “Sole Ambassador” for the non-profit shoe charity, Soles4Souls. Even though she’s moving from state to state, she’s still available to speak at your conference or training event.

Here’s more information than you’ll ever want to know about Silvana:

  • She spent 8 years using creativity to get her dog “famous”. It must have worked because he’s done commercials for Honda, Chrysler, Reebok, Red Devil Paint and many others.
  • Is happily traveling full time in an RV, collecting and donating shoes for Soles4Souls.
  • Was awarded, “Outstanding Recreation Programmer” for Washington State because of her creative programming ideas.
  • She wrote Taming The Marketing Jungle to help small business owners learn creative marketing ideas.
  • Silvana has sold over 100,000 novelty “Panic” button computer keys, all without paid advertising.
  • In addition, Silvana has written 12 books and over 300 magazine articles.
  • She’s been interviewed on over 50 radio and television shows, including  appearances on QVC, The 700 Club, and Trading Spouses.
  • She got to carry the Olympic torch for the 2002 Olympics!
  • Her greatest accomplishment, (in her opinion) is being happily married for 32 years, (to a man who is a combination of Robin Williams and Steve Martin), and having two wonderful daughters.
  • She’s a dynamic speaker and a disastrous cook!

As a professional speaker, Silvana’s highly interactive programs give audiences the chance to learn in a variety of ways. She uses spontaneous surveys, humorous quizzes and small group activities. Whether giving a keynote or a break-out session, your audience leaves with new ideas as well as the skills needed to carry out those new ideas.

Taming The Marketing Junglesilvana cbs interview

This is Silvana’s most requested topic. Designed for organizations and small business owners looking for effective, low cost marketing ideas. Learn public relation secrets to give you local and national media coverage. Promote your business on a low budget, yet get high results and increased business. These ideas worked to get her dog on national commercials, as well as sell 100,000 novelty PANIC buttons, so they can work to market your service or product!

Volunteering DOES Make A DifferenceFoot Solutions Chester NJ littlest donor

Everyone is talking about the need for Americans to reach out and volunteer. But how do you get employees (or even your family) to find ways to help people, animals or the environment? This fact-filled presentation describes three ways people benefit from reaching out to others. Discover a variety of volunteer projects geared to an individual’s interests and talents. There’s more to volunteering than working at a soup kitchen.

Motivating Your Employees When You Can’t Give Them A New BMWDSC04991

Can’t give your staff a trip around the world or a new car? Try giving them psychological paychecks or special interest awards. Discover what really motivates your staff. See how to create a positive work environment, create unified goals and increase productivity. Over 35 practical ways to motivate your employees.

Team Building In A Suitcase

Looking to develop teamwork among employees? If you can’t take your staff on a month long rock climbing expedition to learn teamwork, try Silvana’s low key activities. After describing the elements of a successful team, Silvana opens her suitcase to reveal her props and supplies. Participants take part in such creative activities as building “Lick and Stick” sculptures, making PVC exercise machines or creating slippery, slimy goop.

Getting Published Even If You Are Not A Journalistic Genius

This is Silvana’s personal favorite program. Learn how easy it is to publish short filler articles in trade journals, and get free national publicity. If you can write a decent paragraph, you can get an article published. This is a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert and increase your professional visibility. Silvana’s had over 150 articles published using this simple method…and she doesn’t even write a rough draft.

Camp Counselor Style Of Parenting

If you want a non-business presentation, here’s the topic for you. Most parents feel the need to spend “quality” time with their children. This session shows how to develop the light-hearted “camp counselor” approach to parenting. We’ll discuss games, crafts, activities and some ways to make chores fun to do. You’ll even learn how to make mini-s’mores! This presentation is often requested for PTA’s, women’s church groups.

What others are saying:

Silvana was amazingly energetic and enthusiastic. Her delivery was very creative, incorporating audience participation and a wide variety of props that kept every employee’s attention.”
Educational meeting planner

Thank you again for two great sessions at the 2005 Athletic Business Conference. Attendees love you and rated both sessions very high. Comments included, “awesome,” “excellent and very motivating,” “activities were great,” “creative and fun” and “bring her back.”
Sue Searls, Athletic Business

Current and Past Clients:

Athletic Business Conference
National Girl Scouts
Numerous Health Care Organizations
National Employee Involvement Association
International Festival Association
US Military in Germany and Japan
American Camping Association
State Healthcare Associations
National Roller Skating Association
Christian Camping International
Crystal Cathedral International Women’s Conference
Department of Social and Health Services
Hobby Industry Association
National Association of Parks and Campgrounds

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